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Small business marketing plans to help you reach your people

Small Business Digital Marketing

As a business owner, promoting your company online is imperative.  You know you've got to engage Google, Facebook and more, but new technologies and tools are available every day.  What's the best way to do it?  And what's right for your organization?  Let's figure it out together.  We love when you succeed.

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A Google-Friendly Website

Go ahead and check "SEO basics" off your list.  Your website comes with the essentials already integrated.  That means these critical Search Engine Optimization steps are taken care of out of the gate:

  • Focus Keywords: Each page gets a unique marketing function and focus keyword.  That makes us more likely to eventually rank in search engines.
  • Blazing Speed:  Google hates slow sites.  Fast sites require professionally optimized images, as well as speed diagnostics and tweaks.  We take care of it.
  • Google Details:  Images need SEO titles.  Pages need a targeted Title and Description.  All this needs to tie back into your focus keyword.  And your old pages need redirects to the new ones. Google loves details.  We make Google happy.
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Turbocharge Your Marketing

Keep your content fresh, get social, or spread your business listings to the ends of the Internet.  It's a big marketing world out there.  You want us in your corner.  How far you go from here is up to you.

  • Local Marketing:  Local business listings help you rank higher in search engines.  We push your business information out across the web, from maps to directories
  • Content:  Fresh, useful content drives social engagement and keeps Google interested.
  • Social: You've got a business to run.  Let us help you stay top of mind with your clients by being front and center on Facebook
  • Blogging:  Put your website on autopilot.  Let us research and post articles to your website, built to help Google find you for new keywords
  • SEO:  We can help you optimize your on-page and off-page SEO to rank higher in search engines
  • Customer Reviews:  Let us help set you up for success in generating and tracking customer reviews

What Does Your Business Need?

Get the freedom to focus on your business.  Let us help you manage your search engine optimization, content, social media, customer reviews—or all of the above.  We create custom marketing plans that address your specific ongoing needs.  Please contact us for a custom quote.